This site is for Gyms, Dealers and Partners of Global Climbing Day as a resource of information and assets to build a successful event in your community.  This site is for internal use and we ask that you abide by the key dates listed below when sharing with your communities.  .

Walls are everywhere.  What they mean is up to you.  

We’ve spent over 50 years searching for walls to climb because to us, they offer challenge and opportunity.  They ignite curiosity.  Climbing them teaches us to trust, work together and find meaning in hardship.  

August 20th is Global Climbing Day, a worldwide celebration of the climbing community and the opportunities to be found in every obstacle.

Walls are meant for climbing.  

Join us on Saturday, August 20th and we’ll climb them together.  


  1. Register your gym, store, or organization to be part of GCD 2022
  2. Download the promotional assets.  This includes printable posters and digital for website or social media.
  3. Begin to build your plan for an event on August 20th.  The below sections “Our Ask” and “Engagement Ideas” will offer thought starters to activations that have worked well in the past but feel free to get creative.  
  4. Chat with us at the bottom right with any questions.

Join us as a participating gym for global climbing day 2022

Sign up through the link below to be included and use the resources on this page to begin building your plans

Promotional Assets FOR DOWNLOAD

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Our Ask

As a valued partner of Global Climbing Day and to make this a successful event for both the gyms and the community we ask for just a few things


  • By registering your gym, it will be listed as an official participating gym for 2022 Global Climbing Day. If you need to be removed, please contact us below.
  • Host an event to celebrate Global Climbing Day on Saturday August 20, for a minimum of 3 hours.
  • Please offer some form of free climbing for the duration of the event. This specifically ties back to our mission and goals around GCD, helping to lower barriers of entry and to grow and diversify the sport.
    Examples: free to first timers, allow members to bring a friend, free belay lessons, work with local organizations or gym programming that supports inclusivity within climbing, etc.
  • Create an event page that your team can manage. From The North Face registration page, we will link out to the participating gyms event pages for consumers to get involved.
  • Promotional materials are now available.  Select the “Download Assets” link above. These are there for you to build a successful event, please use them. TNF has a dedicated team to support the success of your events so please reach out with questions or support needs.
  • Take photos and have fun with it! Share them with TNF as we would love to see
    your community in action.

gym Engagement Ideas

  • Music or entertainment (live or other)
  • Live or community art installations – i.e., artist interpretations of Global Climbing
    Day or community art that represents your community.
  • Food and beverages
  • Climbing games – Kaya is a partner app for GCD 2022 and has fun engaging
    games for your gym.
  • After party held at your gym
  • Philanthropic engagement
  • Connecting with local not-for-profit organizations to increase access e.g.,
    bring in local kids from underserved communities etc.
  • Programs that support inclusivity within climbing
  • Stewardship programs with local Access Fund or climbing org.

Our Commitment

Global paid and organic promotion of Global Climbing Day across

    • Digital content series leading up to Aug 20th
    • TNF social media channels @thenorthface and @thenorthface_climb
    • TNF website and email database
    • TNF sponsored athlete team and their social media accounts

The North Face will host a dedicated webpage on with confirmed participating gyms.

Promotional materials for gyms and partners that include

    • Printable poster files
    • Digital assets for both web and social media, as well as suggested promotional language


June, 30th

Mark your calendars for Global Climbing Day, August 21, 2021

July, 15th

Promotional Assets Available
Embargo until Aug 6th (No Promotion)

July, 22nd

Deadlines For Confirming Gyms Participation

Aug, 3rd

Global Climbing Day Website and Promotional Launches
Embargo lifts

Aug, 20th

Global Climbing Day

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